Six Month Braces in Westchase, FL

What Are Six Month Orthodontics?

Six Month Braces, Six Month Smiles, or Six Month orthodontics are all relatively similar and achieve the same goal. The enhanced technology enables this treatment to be completed within 6 months compared to traditional treatment which takes more than 2 years to complete.
If you are unhappy with the alignment and aesthetics of your teeth, visit us for top rated and expert orthodontic treatment. Six Month Braces will focus on re-aligning your teeth to get you that perfect smile. Rather than shaving down the teeth and bonding porcelain or resin to them, like in other procedures, your teeth are gently moved to the most perfect position for you.
This treatment is a combination of time-tested orthodontic techniques mixed with new and exciting technology. Six Month Smiles braces utilize high-tech wires and brackets that exert continuous pressure to gently move the teeth to the desired position. The brackets and wires are tooth colored and are virtually invisible, unlike the traditional braces that are often associated with orthodontic treatment.
If you are trying to find Six Month Orthodontics dentist in Westchase, FL then give our office a call to book a free consultation today!

Before & After 6 Month Braces Treatment


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