Regular Cleanings

  • Regular Cleanings

    In order to maintain a healthy smile, professional regular cleanings and dental examinations are absolutely necessary. Westchase dental is committed to helping you keep healthy teeth and gums that are disease-free.

    Contact us at (813) 475 – 4528 to schedule an appointment for your professional cleaning or a consultation.

  • Regular Cleanings

  • Westchase Premier Dental is committed to offering top quality care with the latest dental technologies. We exceed industry standards in educational requirements, training, and standard dental technology. We offer the most up-to-date dental treatments by continuing educational course on the latest techniques and technologies so that our patients receive the best care possible.

  • To make your initial appointment, call us at 813 – 475 – 4528 or for your FREE Second Opinion/Consultation. We are currently offering Non-Insured Cash Prices with the following discount codes and most insured patients enjoy these services for free:

    Westchase Premier Dental

    • Cleaning, Polishing & Exam – $95 Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays (1110, 0274, 0150)
    • Emergency Exam – $80  Regular value of $116 (0140, 0220)
    • Children’s Exam & Cleaning – $99 Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment (0150, 1120, 0272, 1208).

    Our friendly and welcoming staff is ready to take care of all your dental needs from initial consultation and through all of your dental treatments. We provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy a pleasant dental experience at Westchase Premier Dental.