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What is Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canals have developed a  frightening reputation. Just the thought of undergoing the procedure is dreadful. But, it is inevitable if your tooth is infected and needs restoration. The infected tooth will not heal on its own if left untreated and you run the risk of losing the tooth completely. Even worse, if an infection is left to spread, it can cause serious illness and, in very rare cases, even become fatal. If you are in the initial stage of and infection, the treatment is easier and causes less discomfort.

Root Canal Anatomy & Procedure

The enamel has a layer underneath called Dentin. It protects another softer layer underneath, called the pulp. The pulp, which contains a collection of blood vessels, is home to the nerve of the tooth. Dental conditions like tooth decay or chipped and broken teeth can lead to inflammation and infect of the pulp. Excess inflammation can lead to an abscess and that’s when you know that you need a root canal therapy. Endodontic therapy is very common, so there is no need to stress!

Root Canal Diagram
Root Canal Treatment

When you undergo a root canal procedure, the infected pulp is carefully removed and the inside of your tooth is cleaned so that it can be disinfected. Once cleaned, it is filled with a rubber-like material and later sealed. To protect this seal, a crown or another filling is placed over the tooth. After root canal, your tooth functions normally and can even last as long as your natural tooth would last. If you want to know more about the procedure, visit AAE.org for a step-by-step video explaining the procedure in great detail.

The staff at Westchase Premier Dental is experienced in handling the most complex situations. If you want to experience a virtually pain-free procedure and avoid any kind of dental anxieties, make an appointment and visit us. Our sedation dentistry options  will help alleviate any fears that may arise. If you think you may need root canal treatment, don’t wait till the problem becomes worse. Contact us immediately for top rated endodontic treatment.


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