Cosmetic Dentistry


    Proper daily tooth brushing and flossing are important for maintenance between office visits while going through cosmetic dental treatments. However, regular preventative care is essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Westchase Premier Dental provides routine dental examinations and cleanings, professional breath control, and periodontal (gum disease) treatments designed to help you maintain optimum oral health.

    Our dental practice also offers a wide array of cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry procedures – including cleanings, veneers, crowns, fillings, and bonding. We are devoted to giving you the exact look you desire, whether that requires cleanings, restorative work, or more complex procedures. Here are just a few of the ways we can improve your smile:

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    To make your initial appointment, call us at 813 – 475 – 4528 or for your FREE Second Opinion/Consultation. We are currently offering Non-Insured Cash Prices with the following discount codes and most insured patients enjoy these services for free:

    Westchase Premier Dental

    • Cleaning, Polishing & Exam – $95 Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays (1110, 0274, 0150)
    • Emergency Exam – $80  Regular value of $116 (0140, 0220)
    • Children’s Exam & Cleaning – $99 Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment (0150, 1120, 0272, 1208).

    Our friendly and welcoming staff is ready to take care of all your dental needs from initial consultation and through all of your dental treatments. We provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy a pleasant dental experience at Westchase Premier Dental.