Best Fall Foods for Your Teeth

September 22, 2016 by Dr. John0
Best Fall Foods for Your Teeth

September 22 marks the first day of fall. Along with the change of seasons, comes a multitude of delicious seasonal foods. Most fruits and vegetables that are in season during autumn go nicely with Thanksgiving dinner right around the corner. There are certain foods that have significant positive benefits for your teeth. They provide vital nutrients and minerals that strengthen teeth and keep your smile bright and in optimum health.

Some of the best fall foods for your teeth include fall vegetables like kale, carrots & broccoli and fall fruits such as strawberries, kiwi & apples. Along with providing necessary nutrients and minerals that strengthen teeth, these fibrous foods cleanse your teeth as you chew, defending your gums against bacteria and tooth decay. This also means that these delicious foods contribute to your bright smile and help it to stay in tip-top shape.

Always try to avoid processed foods, which are generally have a high sugar content. Fresh fruits like granny smith apples are a healthy option for satisfying your sugar cravings. If you do add sugar to quench a sweet tooth, try using stevia which is a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. Be sure to brush and floss as soon as possible following any sweet snacks or drinks. Drinking water afterward will help cleanse your teeth and wash away the harmful bacteria from your teeth.

Eating healthy foods and maintaining your home hygiene regimen will keep your teeth in good shape between dental visits. To ensure your teeth are in tip-top shape and there are no undetected dental problems developing, visit Westchase Premier Dental for your routine checkups and cleanings. In between visits, however, enjoy nutritious and tasty treats that will make your mouth smile!

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