Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

July 29, 2016 by Dr. John0
Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are pictures of your teeth called radiographs. These images are used to see various hard tissue surfaces of the mouth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dental x-rays are used for detecting cavities, infection, bone loss and other dental problems that may be developing. X-rays are a requirement in order for your dentist to do a thorough and accurate dental exam. They help assure there are no dental problems left undetected and treated, which can lead to more costly and invasive dental treatment later.

How Often Do I Need X-Rays?

There are many factors to determine how often an individual may require dental X-rays such as age, dental history, and rate of decay. There are times your dentist may need a single x-ray to monitor tooth wellness or progress during treatment. If you are more prone to developing cavities, gum disease, or other dental problems, you may need x-rays a little more often. On the other hand, if you keep your regular dental checkups and rarely have any problems with your gums and teeth, you may only need them every one to two years.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

The exposure to radiation in dental x-rays is much lower than in most hospitals and other diagnostic facilities. We only take the x-rays that are needed and dental x-ray units have a small cone that focuses the x-ray beam on the area of interest. Your exposure is minimal and only for a very short period of time. We also use digital x-rays that use 50% less film speed than the recommended standard amount. These digital x-rays are just as accurate as conventional x-rays and even reveal things that traditional films cannot. Therefore, the exposure to the patient during a routine dental exam is very minute and localized.

Early detection will help minimize the need for extensive and costly dental treatments. If you are overdue for your six month dental exam, x-rays and cleaning, contact Westchase Premier Dental at (813) 475 – 4528 to get back on track.

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