Top 5 Embarrassing Oral Health Problems

Your smile is one of the first noticeable attributes in your daily interactions with people. Regular dental appointments, a rigorous home dental hygiene routine and a well balanced diet all contribute to a vibrant and healthy smile. Sometimes following these daily oral hygiene processes may not be enough. Common oral health issues such as bad breath can leave people feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. Many times, these embarrassing oral health problems can be solved with the right treatments.

Here are our top 5 embarrassing oral health problems and how to fix them:
  1. Mouth Sores – Cold sores and canker sores are common problems around the mouth and can be painful and unsightly. These sores typically heal on their own within a week or two. There are over the counter topical anesthetic creams and antimicrobial mouth rinses that provide pain relief and reduce the risk of infection.
  1. Tooth Decay – Tooth decay is often cause by the buildup of bacterial plaque. Keep tooth decay and erosion at bay by following a strict oral hygiene routine at home, regular dental visits and a healthy diet.  Avoiding acidic drinks and foods such as juices, soft drinks, pickles and tomatoes and keep snacking to a minimum.
  1. Bad Breath – In the most cases, bad breath (Halitosis)  is the result of improper home dental hygiene care. However, chronic bad breath needs to be evaluated to determine if there is an underlying medical cause.  Treatment will vary depending on the cause. If your dentist gives you a clean bill of oral health, you will need to look further. Certain medical disorders like gastrointestinal conditions, diabetes, bronchitis, and respiratory infections can all cause bad breath.
  1. Receding Gums  Receding gums can lead to serious issues such as periodontal disease and tooth loss. Teeth can actually become loose and eventually fall out from the damage caused by advanced periodontitis. Avoid grinding or clenching your teeth. Sometimes, using a mouthguard at night will help avoid damaging your teeth while you sleep. Aggressive tooth brushing with a medium or hard brush can also cause receding gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid harsh brushing.
  1. Discolored Teeth – Yellow teeth can make you more self conscious and keep you from smiling each day. You can improve the color of your teeth by proper brushing and flossing, professional dental cleanings, whitening treatments and veneers. Some preventative measures to keep your teeth from becoming discolored include not smoking, limiting consumption of foods and drinks that stain your teeth, following a proper daily dental care routine at home and maintaining regular dental checkups and cleanings. Don’t smoke, and limit your consumption of foods and drinks that cause yellowing.

If you are suffering from any of these issues or are due for a checkup and cleaning, contact us at (813) 475 – 4528. Westchase Premier Dental is ready to help with any of your dental concerns. We work together with you to keep your smile radiant for years to come!


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