Your Smile Can Make You Look Younger

June 21, 2016 by Dr. John0
Your Smile Can Make You Look Younger

Is your smile aging you? If you have been taking care of your teeth and your smile isn’t reflecting your efforts to maintain your smile, you are not alone. With age, staining, wear-and-tear, attrition and erosion are a few of the dental issues that can lead to a less appealing smile. Westchase Premier Dental offers cosmetic dental treatments that can bring back the brightness of your childhood smile.

Your smile can make you look younger with cosmetic dental treatment. Here’s how:
  • Removing Stains – Staining is perhaps one of the most aging features that can add years to your smile. Simple whitening procedures can rejuvenate your smile by addressing overall staining. Bonding is a great way to target individual stains while porcelain veneers are used for overall coverage, deep staining and problem areas.
  • Replacing Old Dental Work – Replacing old metal fillings and crowns with new, tooth-colored dental restorations will transform your smile into a more vibrant and youthful smile. All-Porcelain crowns and tooth colored fillings created a seamless look. The separation between your dental work and your natural teeth will be no longer noticeable.
  • Improving Minor Damage – Your teeth can become weathered over time. Those little nicks and dings can be easily smoothed out with contouring and bonding. However, if you are looking for a more dramatic change, porcelain veneers can give you a complete smile makeover.

If you are ready to get your youthful smile back, give us a call at (813) 475 – 4528 to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about cosmetic dental treatment, our staff is ready to help. Read more about our whitening treatments, veneers, and bonding and check out a few of our before and after photos to see just how your smile can make you look younger!




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