2016 Dental Blog Posts – Year in Review

The year of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s been a wonderful year since we opened our doors in February. The staff of Westchase Premier Dental would like to thank all of our patients we have had the pleasure of seeing this year and we look forward to welcoming you back for your checkups in 2017. Throughout the year we have shared dental blog posts with our patients to help them keep their smiles beautiful. We would like to reflect on this year’s blog posts and share our hand-selected top 10 for the year of 2016.

Our Top 10 Dental Blog Posts for 2016
    1. Westchase Dental Office is Now Accepting New Patients – We chose this one as it marks the day we began seeing patients in the Westchase and Tampa Bay area!
    2. Introducing Dr. David L. Castellano – We knew everyone would be excited to know the dentists and read Dr. Castellano’s Bio on our website.
    3. Introducing Dr. Jesus Sojo – Another introduction… this one for Dr. Sojo. with a link to his bio on our website.
    4. How Working Out Affects Your Oral Health – With the new year approaching and so many people hitting the gym, this is a good read on the oral health benefits of exercise.
    5. Use Tax Refund Money to Invest in Your Smile – There are so many things to spend tax returns on, but having a beautiful, white smile is priceless!
    6. Your Smile Can Make You Look Younger – This is so true. Bright smiles take years off your appearance. If you are concerned about aging and keeping a beautiful smile, this one is for you.
    7. Fight Receding Gums – Receding gums happens for many reasons and one of them is aging also. This article explains all about receding gums and preventative steps.
    8. Choosing the Right Dentist in Westchase – This is to help people when searching for a new dentist. We offer tips and tricks to finding the right dentist for you.
    9. Embrace Dental Communication – There is so much good information about all things dental: dental blogs, association websites, dental technology news articles, and various platforms of social media.
    10. Be Thankful for Your Smile – We chose this article to be our final top pick because we truly do want you to be thankful for your smile!

We hope you enjoyed reading some of our top dental blog posts for this year. Our goal is to deliver helpful information to our patients to help keep your smiles bright and healthy. Our blog is updated often and each of our new articles are posted to Facebook and Twitter. Give us a call to get your appointment set for the new year at (813) 475 – 4528. We look forward to another wonderful year and seeing our loyal patients return and also meeting and getting to know our new ones. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year and are able to spend it with each of your loved ones. Happy New Year!


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